Experience Seamless Installation and Training combined together.

Purchasing your MultiCam CNC machinery system is only the first step. Whether you’re a small-time hobbyist, or large corporate fabricator, the more you know about your CNC machinery, the greater chance you’ll have at maximizing your investment.

At MultiCam Canada we value your company’s success and utmost satisfaction with our CNC machines. We understand the importance of technical support on capital equipment which is why we are 100% committed to ensuring:

  • Installation is arranged and completed by one of our senior service technicians. We also provide pre-installation guidelines to ensure that you are ready for the installation and to minimize any downtime.
  • We provide onsite instruction following the installation
  • Training is performed by our service technicians who will ensure you are ready to use your cnc equipment and software like a pro
  • We have a team of technicians and engineers who work together to resolve your service requests efficiently and effectively
Western Safety Signs Installation –
Apex 1r CNC Router
Western Safety Signs

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