CNC Plasma

With the increasing number of manufacturers introducing CNC Plasmas into their manufacturing processes, there’s still a number of those who prefer to stick to the manual plasma cutting process. The decision to switch to automated plasma cutting may be extremely difficult and may depend on a variety of factors. To make the best decision, it’s important to understand how the advantages of a CNC Plasma may benefit your business and what your overall manufacturing goals are.

There are four main reasons that might persuade a manufacturer to make the switch: cut quality, cut quantity, cut capacity and cut complexity. If, for example, your cuts aren’t as precise as you want them to be, or you have an increased number of clients requiring your cutting services – it might be the right time to start considering a CNC Plasma machine.

CNC Plasma may help you grow your business in many ways: increasing your cutting accuracy and quality, allowing you to cut a wider range of materials, and decreasing manufacturing times are just a few of the advantages. The bottom line is that you need to understand whether there’s a demand for such products or services in your market. If the answer is “Yes’, then an automated CNC Plasma investment decision should be a no-brainer.

Switching to a CNC Plasma may also be a difficult decision due to the cost of the consumables, maintenance (be sure to check out our blog posts – “Extending the Life of your CNC Plasma Consumables” and “Plasma System Maintenance”) and the machine itself. But the ability to cut a much wider range of materials the elimination of a number of secondary processes and increased production automation, means that not only can you produce higher quality products in a shorter period of time, but you can also considerably save on labor – one of your biggest expenses.

Choosing the right CNC Plasma system for your business takes a lot of considerations. In our blog you may find information on how to choose a CNC Plasma cutting machine and which factors to consider before its purchase.

Here at MultiCam we offer a wide range of Plasma solutions. Feel free to reach out, so we can help you choose the perfect machine for the application you have in mind.


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