When deciding to purchase a CNC cutting machine there are many factors that need to be considered to ensure that your investment maximizes your rate of return. MultiCam offers a broad product line of CNC machines including: Router, Plasma, Knife, Laser, and WaterJet. Buyers select the most appropriate cutting solution for the desired material, and the series which best suites your budgeted operating costs. MultiCam CNC WaterJet has the option of an abrasive delivery system which mixes water with an abrasive material such as garnet, more information on abrasive vs. pure-water systems can be found here. Consequently, 80% of the operating cost is the abrasive (garnet) in WaterJet cutting, in turn making it the more expense option as users typically use 7lbs per minute of cutting.

Those who select a CNC WaterJet, require maximum versatility as this machine can cut through all surfaces. Whether your business needs are cutting versatility or operating costs determines the need for a MultiCam Waterjet.

Common materials that a MultiCam CNC Waterjet can cut include but are not limited to:

Pure Waterjet Abrasive Waterjet
Soft materials

–          Rubber

–          Fabrics

–          Plastics

–          Plywood

Hard materials of great thickness

–          Metals

–          Stone

–          Ceramics

–          Glass

It is important to note that WaterJet machines with abrasive systems can easily switch to pure-water application for cutting softer materials.


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