In an intensifier unit there is what is called a heat exchanger which cools the hydraulic fluid. This heat exchanger unit is responsible for making sure the hydraulic oil maintains the correct temperature which is typically less than 50 degrees. This in effect also ensures that the water being used for cutting is the right temperature.

A WaterJet Intensifier Chiller can be used to circulate the water used to cool the hydraulic oil. It takes the water from the heat exchanger, then cools it and sends it back to be reused. Through this closed loop system water usage can be decreased. Since typically it takes 4 gallons of water per minute to operate the WaterJet, decreasing water usage through a closed loop system can be very beneficial in terms of cost savings.

MultiCam provides intensifier chillers as one of the many options available for WaterJet cutting technology. Top quality intensifiers and chillers by KMT are offered to ensure you the best quality cuts and optimum performance from your machine.


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