There are many ways to cut sheet metal based on the scope of the user and required return that a business may need. The process of cutting the flat pattern from a sheet metal can be done through a variety of different methods. The following chart will show you some of the most common types of sheet metal cutting.


Cutting Methods

  Hand Tools Bench Tools Power Tools Heat Cutting Plasma Cutting
Description: Using snips/shear or hacksaw Bench shears or band saw Power shears, grinders, or nibbler. Oxy-torch, handheld plasma torch CNC Plasma machine
Flexibility Low Low Medium Medium Very High
Speed Very Slow Slow Medium Medium Very High
Accuracy Very Low Low Low Low Very High
Finish Poor Poor Mixed Poor Excellent
Cost $20 $100-$1000 $200+ $500+ $25,000 +

When determining which method of sheet metal cutting is right for you, it is pivotal to take into consideration the factors of flexibility, speed, accuracy, finish, cost and automation.


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