What Constitutes a High Precision Cut?

In the past, the standards for precision cut did not account for material thickness. It did not constitute no dross, a smooth surface, and a bevel of less than 3 degrees. Today, in automated plasma cutting, a precision cut surface has the following defining characteristics:

  • Square face (less than 3 degree bevel)
  • Smooth, with nearly vertical drag lines
  • Little to no oxides
  • Little to no dross, what dross is apparent should be easy to remove



  • A minimal heat affected zone and recast layer
  • Good mechanical properties in welded components patient

Precision cuts are now made as quickly as possible with the ability to go straight to welding without any additional costly activities that compensate for short comings in the previous step. Although certain codes and standards mandate edge preparation procedures, a precision cut greatly reduces the degree of edge preparation.

MultiCam Canada offers very accurate cutting at high speeds for a variety of applications, with particular focus to precision, cut quality, and finishing.


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