A lathe is a machining tool that works by rotating an object on a horizontal axis. Although lathes were originally used mainly to machine metals, their incredible versatility and functionality are now used for a wide range of applications. A metal working lathe is a robust class of lathes used predominantly for the precision cutting of hard raw materials. The work itself is completed using the rotational force of the object making these devices superior in creating a symmetric final product.

It is evident that CNC lathes are quickly replacing older production lathes for a variety of reasons. These devices are major figures in the industry due to their relative ease of operation and installation, as well as their repeatability and accuracy. Controlled electronically through a computer interface, the program can be modified and displayed at the machine, in addition to receiving a simulated view of the process. MultiCam Canada’s 3000 Series CNC Plasma with rotary indexer provides users with the many advantages of a lathe device, on top of high speed contouring, fully programmable retract between parts, and a user friendly MultiCam controller.


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