A closer look at the many advantages of CNC laser cutting technology

The market for laser cutting technology is growing as many manufacturing firms, including those in the sign industry, are slowly transitioning to this clean and efficient technology. Using a high voltage product-laser22system, CNC lasers have the ability to cut a variety of materials by directing a laser stream through the work piece vaporizing, melting, or burning it away.  Laser cutting has several key features which include its flexibility, cleanliness, and efficiency, which are especially noticeable when cutting acrylic materials. Laser technology also boasts a long list of advantages that will help make laser cutting an important consideration in your company’s long term planning. Some of the advantages include:

  • Low fixture costs, high feed rates, and multi-axis capabilities translates to a substantial increase in per part savings
  • The cutting tool does not directly come in contact with material being cut, reducing consumable wear
  • Improved yield caused by the production of more parts per sheet with less scrap
  • Increased savings based on more efficient utilization of materials
  • Exceptionally smooth finish when cutting acrylic materials
  • Ability to effectively react and adapt to market influences and produce small quantities maintaining strong business relations with consumers
  • Improved processing since multiple jobs can be combined and cut in a single batch
  • Reduction in set up times
  • Better working environment, known to be cleaner and safer
  • Improved accuracy, speed, consistency, control and flexibility in the manufacturing process
  • Quicker product turnover since laser cut materials often rGlassSealequire no edge cleaning making them readily available for shipment to the end user
  • Reduced inventory due to a typical efficiency of production runs
  • Improved appearance since the lasers minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) helps to eliminate distortion
  • Improved ability to react or adapt to changing production needs
  • Decreased risk of injury when compared with more traditional mechanical cutting methods

Laser technology is becoming more prominent in today’s manufacturing environment and because of this MultiCam Canada offers an excellent choice in CNC laser machinery to satisfy the needs of those looking for a smooth and clean cutting solution. The MultiCam 2000 Series CNC Laser is available in 60-80 inch width and 240 inch lengths with power ranges of 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, and 1000 WATT, giving MultiCam the ability to serve a variety of business sizes. Laser technology is growing and based on some of the features listed above, it is an option that should not be overlooked.


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