Whether or not the software’s capacity is appealing, the open source’s price tag is an imperative driver. Although it is the first thing that captures the interest of companies, it is not just a matter of price in terms of software. Some enterprises believe that source code access of proprietary software matters, where some feel the importance of community code reviews as a benefit of open source software.

“Open Source platforms can be terrific tools for DIY projects. But our customers have too much at stake to risk their business with so many potential issues/threats.” – Kristi Grigsby, INgage Networks

What is the open source advantage over proprietary? Bug fixes. This is dramatically superior in open source software. Since open source is not associated to a company, there’s no direct customer service. A lack of sales professional services is an inhibitor to open source software. These qualified vendors provide the services. Without them, the reach is less and the security is low.

Open source software is also misaligned with corporate needs. While they may be technically scalable, they often start small and might not be designed to fit the needs of corporate users. The open source platforms are in need of moderation, censorship, monitoring and additional features that commercial platforms include.

An advantage of proprietary is the ease in adaptation. The regulations of this software will keep it well-established for years. The automated updates, better product functionality, and higher security are attractive features of commercial software. You can take a competitive advantage stance, in the sense that fewer companies will be using proprietary software due to cost. If the system is inaccessible to all, it makes your product more unique.

An example of such commercial software is KASEMAKE, now introduced through MultiCam Canada. Although it  holds some open source software qualities, its benefits are particular to proprietary. Through a partnership with AG/CAD for Canadian distribution of KASEMAKE, the two companies will work to provide the Canadian manufacturing industry with automated cutting solutions aimed at the POP, POS, Packaging, Merchandising, and Sign sectors. MultiCam’s superior digital cutting system combined with AG/CAD’s customizable CAD software will provide customers the ultimate ROI, security, and service. See previous blog post, Introducing KASEMAKE Software for further details.


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